Around the hostel

Nearby attractions

  • Cinema (Less than 500m)
  • City Centre (500m - 1km)
  • Cycle trails (At or next to the hostel)
  • Golf course (5 to 10km)
  • Gym (Less than 500m)
  • Hiking / Walking trails (Less than 500m)
  • Local market (Less than 500m)
  • Museums / Art Galleries (At or next to the hostel)
  • Nightlife (At or next to the hostel)
  • Parks / Green Area (500m - 1km)
  • Restaurants (At or next to the hostel)
  • River / Harbour / Lake (At or next to the hostel)
  • Shopping area / Mall (Less than 500m)
  • Ski area (More than 10km)
  • Swimming pool (Less than 500m)
  • Supermarket / Food store (At or next to the hostel)
  • Theatre (Less than 500m)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site (More than 10km)
  • Water park (More than 10km)
  • Wooded Area (1 to 2km)

Travellers tips (59)

Where next?


Avatar for STEFAN


Thu 19 Sep 2013

Attraction tip

The Main Tower and The Zoo. The view from the Main Tower is amazing, and the zoo was just a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Avatar for Frances


Sat 12 Oct 2013

Budget meal tip

try the local bakeries. They have some inexpensive buns with cold cuts, salads and some offer soups

Avatar for Karen


Fri 02 Aug 2013

Attraction tip

Botanical gardens are nice with a wonderful coffee/cake shop

Avatar for Ruth


Sat 29 Jun 2013

Budget meal tip

プラザ コメルツバンクの2階にあります。(ランチ)

Avatar for AYAMI


Sun 04 Aug 2013