Hostel Fes is located in the city centre, just 100m from McDonalds'. It is only a 10 minute walk from either the CTM bus station or train station and easy accessible from the airport by taxi or bus. Close to all major sites and nightlife areas, this is an ideal base for exploring all that Fes has to offer. Hostel Fes has a great atmosphere with a young and dynamic team to ensure that you will have a pleasant stay in Morocco.

Hostel Fes is open to all travellers, individuals, groups and families alike. Facilities include a free breakfast, free bed sheets, laundry, Wi-Fi, tourist information on excursions and itineraries such as Sahara trips.

With some truly wonderful sights to see in Morocco, guests should try to fit in visits to the following: The Merinid Tombs, The Souks and the Fondouk el-Nejjarine.

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Die Besitzer sind super nett und geben viele Tipps. Die Betten sind gut. Warmwasser gibt es leider nur zu bestimmten Zeiten.


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Wed 16 Dec 2015

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Fri 09 Jan 2015

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Chicken Mac/Café Venezia and other similar shops on the same street leading from the main boulevard towards the train station, for a sure meal at low prices.

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Sun 03 May 2015