Rancho Grande is the shelter chosen by groups of young people and independent travellers, which enjoys a warm, friendly, pleasant and fun,with shared rooms for four and six people and rooms, double, triple, and quadruple rooms with private bathroom andhas internet service, TV, fully equipped kitchen and a lounge where you can eat and drink among friends. El Rancho Grande is an excellent stop at El Chaltén, where a friend face will welcome you and will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the most out of your tripwith a privileged location, just 200 mt from the beginning of the trails and close to all The business of the place, our two-story hostel offers dorm beds and private rooms, Internet access, laundry facilities, cinema, and a large common space, special to interact and get to know each other with the many travelers who arrive from all corners of the world.Here we also have a bar and restaurant where you can try the famous Argentinean beef in a steak or a Milanese Ranch, the most popular dish of the place, but if you want to take part in the kitchen, you can also venture out in it. With all these amenities at your fingertips, you're not going to need not even leave the hostel to get what you need it. We also work with a tourist agency, through which we can hire all the excursions available in the Park, and where you get all the information and the best suggestions to enjoy of the P. N. Glaciers.With 15 years of experience and being one of the pioneers in El Chaltén, Rancho Grande and his staff, we invite you to get to visit us and you get ready to enjoy a wonderful stay.

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The room locks are all defective. Kitchens are not so clean and the utensils provided are inadequate. The staff is friendly and efficient though. I had gone for a hike on 8th and on return I found that my shorts, towel and toilet kit had been thrown away and the room had been swept clean. I complained to reception and they asked the cleaning ladies but everyone denied any knowledge of my things. They were nothing expensive but still such a thing has never occurred to me anywhere else.


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Tue 13 Jan 2015

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Muchos trekkings con muchos vientos fuertes!!!

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cecilia tomiko,

Thu 06 Feb 2014

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There is a fruit/vegetables store just a few blocks away, ask for it at the reception!

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Tue 11 Jun 2013