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The room temperature was too high and the heater was not able to tune down the temperature. At the end, open the window to cool down the room; however, it was too noise after opening the window!


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Barane Yim-Ching,

Tue 10 Feb 2015

my private room had a kettle with tea and coffee-very useful.Overhead bedlight didn,t work


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Fri 06 Feb 2015

Loved staying here. However the internet is a bloody joke. When they said they had wifi they isn't disclose tht u had to pay by the hour!!! It was so expensive and you spent Half the time trying to fucking log off or log on. Just a bloody joke. Kitchen was amazing. Location was fair good and loved the staff. It was not being able to look up bus routes and such that really dampened my stay!


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Fri 23 Jan 2015

Staff were very accommodating when allowing me to change to an available room due to a SNORER! Thank you


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Mon 19 Jan 2015

Notices in rooms & lifts offer breakfast up to 10.00, up to 12.00 AND all day breakfast! I expected to be able to have breakfast just after 12.00 but couldn't.The hostel at N. Lanark says don't drink the water in the bedrooms. No notices in Edin Cent, but I was told to get drinking water only from the kitchen area in the basement, not taps in bedrooms. There should be notices. The ground floor eating area is very cold because of the main entrance, though this is where people want to sit around.


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Thu 18 Dec 2014