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Nice hostel, OK if you buy a local transport card because it's near the Bella Center station on Metro 2 line. When I was there, there was a lot of families with children. There's not really a common area where you can lay back and relax except a few tables near the reception. They have a HUGE kitchen, but did not try it.


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Fri 22 May 2015

We bought Copenhagen Cards at the Tourist Office at the airport and found them easy to use and good value for the amount of trips and visits we made. We caught the 5a then 4a bus to the Hostel as this stops at the end of the drive. As the Hostel is a little remote popping out to the shops is not an easy option but we enjoyed our 60dk breakfast provided in the smart canteen. Remember to factor in the cost of bedding.


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Thu 18 Dec 2014

It is a 20-minute bus ride from the city train station, and there are no places to eat or buy food nearby. The bus stop to go to the city is in front of the hostel, but the bus stop from the city is a long block further away, which can be confusing when you first arrive. The hostel charges extra for everything, including sheets, cooking utensils, and breakfast (which is adequate but not spectacular). It has vending machines and a good laundry. Common areas are very good, upstairs and down.


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Sat 25 Oct 2014

Sehr hellhörig - am Beginn des Ganges doch manchmal eine Geduldsprobe Anbindung an den öffentlichen Verkehr okay !


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Sun 28 Sep 2014

need to rent the sheet and so on


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Wed 10 Sep 2014

Hostel was clean and room was fine. However breakfast is expensive and you have to pay a deposit to use any sort of kitchenware, I had to pay a returnable deposit of 200kr when all I needed was a fork! Also due to the rain the carpark and entrance were completely flooded and it was impossible to cross by foot without getting completely soaked! Perhaps more effort to provide access or an alternative entrance for pedestrians would have been good.


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Thu 04 Sep 2014

It was very nice. Full of all kinds of people and very clean. The location isn't the best. It was a little expensive, but so is everything in Denmark.


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Thu 04 Sep 2014

Das Personal dieser Jugendherberge ist sehr freundlich und der Service effizient. Was mich gestört hat ist, dass man in den Zimmern alles hört, was auf dem Flur passiert. Man hört jeden Schritt der im Flur gemacht wird und jede Tür die auf oder zu geht. Ausserdem ist die Herberge ausserhalb der Stadt, was nicht ideal ist, wenn man sich hauptsächlich in der Innenstadt aufhalten möchte.


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Wed 03 Sep 2014