Colonia del Sacramento, better known in the local environment as a colony, it is the capital of the Department of Colonia, Uruguay. Located few kilometers to the southeast of the confluence of the Uruguay river and the Rio de la Plata, its historic district has been declared a World Heritage Site in 1995, to illustrate the successful merger of the styles Portuguese, Spanish and post-colonial By its proximity to the city of Buenos Aires has a strong link with it. There are many travelers who arrive and depart with that destination, and also with the inhabitants of Buenos Aires that have properties in it. There was a project to unite both cities through a binational bridge the city of Colonia del Sacramento is Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.After the Spanish mission of Villa Soriano, the call on a principle Nova Colony oj Holy Sacrament was the first settlement in what is now Uruguayan territory, made in the year 1680 by a group of Portuguese commanded by the Maestre de Campo Manuel de Lobo, the settlement was located in front of Buenos Aires, in the territory of the Interior of the Rio de la Plata (belonging to Spain) during the governorship of José de Garro. Because the same year of its foundation was attacked and occupied by the governor of Buenos Aires, but was returned to Portugal in 1681, pending further negotiations, which were not successfully concludedby the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) its possession was In the hands of Portugal under Portuguese sovereignty the colony became a hotbed of smuggling British and Portuguese to Spanish possessions, in a way that Felipe V commissioned the governor of Buenos Aires, Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, the construction and fortification of Montevideo in order to be able to monitor the smuggling,the construction of Montevideo served six years (1724-1730)" in any case, Carvajal, minister of Ferdinand VI, attempt sign an agreement on the limits with Portugal (1750) in a way that Spain will remain with the Colonia del Sacramento giving way to change to Portugal for the Jesuit reductions calls "The Seven villages of the Missions" (in the current Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), the entrance of Spain in the Seven Years' War (1762) interrupted the talks and Pedro Cevallos deals with new the colony, however, the war ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris (1763), in which it is stipulated the return of the disputed cologne to Portugal, andfinally, in 1777, the same Cevallos, recently appointed viceroy of Created Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, conquest definitively the colony, conquest that is endorsed by the Treaty of San Ildefonso, signed that same year, the territory was divided between the superintendency of Buenos Aires and the governorate of Montevideo.

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estuvo muy agradable


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Recorrer el barrio històrico, donde tambièn se puede comer bien.

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Drugstore-aber nicht ganz billig

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