Since 2002 over 142,430 people have chosen Smart Travel Solution Managed hostels in Chengdu. NOVA Travellers’ Lodge will be your ideal place to stay, together with our experiences of accommodating for travellers, we will be happy to help you out with all your needs.
We are new, everthing here is clean.We have heaters in every room and fireplace in the lobby. We are Chengdu's BEST and the BEST independent Hostel! We are oozing with quirky character, loads of things to do, and amazingly friendly staff. Many of our guests keep coming back time and again, it's time you come and find out why!

Tours in nova!

Panda tour in the morning.( also can help you to be volunteers there)

Sichuan culture show every night !

Mimi van transfer.

Leshan Giant Buddha 1 day tour

Mt. Emei shan and Leshan Giant Buddha 2 days tour.

Mt. Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation 1 day tour.

Old town around chengdu 1 day tour.
Sepecial Tibet Budget Tour

Lhasa 4 days: 550 RMB
* Lhasa-EBC-Nepal 7 days: 2260 RMB (Landcruiser and E.B.C entrance fee included!!!)
* Lhasa-EBC-Lhasa 8 days: 2140 RMB (Landcruiser and E.B.C entrance fee included!!!)
* Lhasa-Nepal 7 days: 2053 RMB (Landcruiser!!!)
* Lhasa-Shigatse 6 days: 1165 RMB (Van)

1. The price is per person for group of 4.
2. We can help you find more people to be a group !we have another 2 hostels 'Dragontown & 'Loft Hostel' in chengdu to share cost to Tibet!
All we believe : a better hostel can make a better travel life for you !
Why choose nova traveller's lodge ?

We are run by travellers for travellers. When you stay at Nova”s you get far more than just a bed in a room. Our friendly staff, bright colours and over the top decor mean we're an exciting and interesting place to stay - no sterile and boring atmosphere here! Add to that the fact that we're ridiculously close to all the main forms of public transport in Chengdu, and you've got to ask, why would anyone stay anywhere else?
Here at NOVA’s we love our guests and we hope you love us too! So, in your honour, we decided to give you a lot of Free things to make your stay even more enjoyable - and because we know you're broke from your travels, just like us.
So enjoy the following... it's on us!
FREE Travel Information
(From Tibet Budget Tour – Panda Tour even Sichuan Food Cooking Tour
we know all kinds of information that you want not only in Sichuan but also the whole Southwest China)
FREE Blue-Ray movies (over 400 to choose from!) with a professional Blue-Ray CINEMA ROOM
FREE Internet with very fast computer in the lobby
FREE BBQ party
FREE Wi-Fi in all public space
FREE clean linen and towels
FREE luggage storage
FREE video and DVD rental
FREE pool table
FREE English city maps and tourist information centre
FREE reading and travel library
FREE use of hairdryers and iron/ironing boards
FREE Baby Care beds
Not enough there to convince you that we are the place to stay yet?
Our common area is by far the coolest and funkiest around. Based in what used to be café. All we know is that our common room is simply awesome. The laidback atmosphere makes it easy to meet other travellers. Your only trouble will be convincing yourself to get out there and see the sights when there's so much to do here!
It's comfy, it's cosy. It’s homy. It's a great place to socialise with new friends and drink a cold beer from our bar (which sells quite the variety of international beer favourites and a collection of cocktail concoctions) while warming up in front of our fireplace.
In the summer, one of the best places to be is our garden. There are loads of plants, and it's a great place for a chat or a BBQ, or even to test your skills on our board game.

Need a snack or forget something? It's no problem. We sell travel essentials and a selection of crisps as well as other snacks to feed you - that is if you are still hungry after pigging out in town with the world famous Sichuan Cuisine!

So what kind of rooms do we have to offer? At NOVA’s, we have it all.

We have private singles, twin and triple rooms which are with tea making facilities, TVs and 24 Hours hot water.

We also have dorm rooms that hold between 4 and 6 people. All dorm rooms have lockers and a 360 degree private reading light, extra comfy mattress, and curtain so you can have the utmost privacy if that's what you are looking for, But book early if you want to secure one of these beds - they sell like hotcakes. About the dorm rooms, we know how important the public shower and western toilet will be, so we can promise you we have the cleanest shared shower and toilet facilities in town.

What travellers think

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Green rating



Great helpful staff and good cheap tours! The food is a little expensive though...


Avatar for Ravi Visweswaran

Ravi Visweswaran,

Tue 19 Aug 2014

The stay here was enjoyable as the staff were friendly and helpful. We arrived here late at night and we were greeted by the driver that was sent to fetch us. The hostel was clean and comfortable though the location was a bit difficult to find as a taxi that we took later on found out but we managed to steer him on the right path. Overall, I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone who is interested in getting around Chengdu and its surrounding areas.


Avatar for ann choo

ann choo,

Fri 20 Jun 2014