This hostel has 72 beds in 2 - 5 bed rooms, and welcomes groups and independent travellers. Its ideal location will enable you to enjoy the environment and the warmth, as well as the friendliness and meeting other travellers. It is located at the entrance of the Old Medina, close to the Skalla and the fishing harbour.

Enjoy the famous warm Moroccan welcome and socialise with other hostellers you'll meet within the hostel. The hostel is located within the old Medina, close to the Sqala fort and Casablanca's Atlantic harbour, 100m from the city centre, 15 min walk from Hassan II Holy Mosque, 10 min walk from Casa-Port station, 15 min by taxi from Casa-Voyageurs station. Casablanca's hostel is close to the Corniche, with its golden sand beaches, its private swimming pools and its touristic attractions, its nightlife and its shopping places, among which the international Morocco-Mall.

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Hassan 2 mosque is amazing. Hostel was not toonfar from mosque. Lile 1 to 2km away. Hostel was okayish, but reasonable for price. Dont bother booking online. Its cheaper to book when you get there. They always have plentybof space. Toileteries are not supplied and toilets arent the cleanest. Otherwise not too bad. But dont stay in Casablanca for more than 1 night. If you can dont even bother staying there the night. Just check out the mosque and leave. There is not much to do in casablanca.


Avatar for Umar


Fri 20 Mar 2015

The bed was broken, the bathroom smelled bad, the room was not very clean, the door was very hard to close.


Avatar for Santiago


Thu 19 Mar 2015