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Yes, I highly recommend staying at "The Backpack" You will get your monies worth - good vibes, friendly backpackers, safe and most of all fun place to stay. Also, everything is centrally located - long street, only 5 min walk. Secure car parking is available as well. Book and stay here, you won't regret it! My bed view was Table Mountain...


Avatar for Mehul


Tue 11 Nov 2014

Une petite surprise désagréable à l'arrivée de 200 euros supplémentaires par rapport au prix annoncé. Erreur réparée quand je suis revenu contester. Sinon rien à redire à cette auberge très bien organisée avec un personnel très agréable.


Avatar for Jean-Jacques


Wed 29 Oct 2014

Probably the best I ve ever been ( and i am a Long term customer9 Everything is absolutely perfect. only the bereakfast is a Little overprized compared to other places in CT 1! But Location and staff awesome!!!!!!!!


Avatar for Alvaro


Sun 09 Mar 2014

Poor facilities for internet access! Speed of WiFi unacceptable.


Avatar for Henning


Tue 17 Dec 2013

Sehr schöner Ausblick aus dem Familienzimmer auf den Tafelberg! Für Familien gut geeignet.


Avatar for kathrin


Wed 23 Oct 2013

The kitchen door banged multiple times during the night waking us up e ven through our ear plugs. Other than that everything was awesome.


Avatar for Julie


Mon 23 Sep 2013

The shuttle service they provided from the ariport was awful. They told me they were to take a slight detour. The back of the van was extremely bumpy. We took a girl first to her university and an hour later we were back at the airport! They has gone in the opposite direction. Then they dropped off another girl and charged her less than what I was charged. The first room reeked of some cleaner that filled my sinuses. I was moved to another room which was good. I then booked another hotel and checked out, but they made me pay for the rest of my stay.


Avatar for Della


Thu 04 Jul 2013