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Hostel was in an excellent location. The staff sets an excellent tone for how things are run there. They are very social and willing to help in any way possible. They are also very efficient and quick at helping you. The only drawback I might mention is that if you are not a partying person or someone who is not into the bar scene, you may feel a little out of place since it does lean a bit in that direction. However, the lower two floors are more quiet since the bar is on the second floor.


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Sun 03 Aug 2014

Atlantic was a great place to stay. The hostel was clean and central and the staff helpful and generous with their time. Excellent hostel, no complaints from me.


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Wed 16 Jul 2014

Atlantic Point is an ideal destination for travelers who want a safe and interesting place without spending much money. I loved the place!


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Sun 18 May 2014

Everything is very clean. If you can, choose the rooms in the lower floor (below the reception) that are more quiet and has a separate bathroom. Nice breakfast and helpful staff. Excelent location: you can easy and quickly go to Waterfront, where you can eat, buy what you need and meet your friends.


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Tue 22 Apr 2014

The staff did not have info and didn't seem interested in helping. They were also not wry efficient.


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Sun 23 Mar 2014

Staff were fantastic, as was everything else. Best hotel in Cape Town.


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Fri 31 Jan 2014

Excellent hostel.


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Sun 29 Sep 2013