Palmeiras is a small town embedded in the Chapada Diamantina (Diamond Mountains), right next to the tourist spots of the region. It’s an historic town, where within the municipality there are the remnants of pre-historic groups, with their rock paintings, indigenous pathways, maroon communities (Tejuco and Serra Negra) and the influence of alternative groups (Vale do Capão).

Today Palmeiras still preserves its historic arquitecture from the Diamond Era’ of the diamond rush, like the Palacete dos Macedos, the Town Council Buildings, the central church of good Jesus and more. It is a delightful place with an agreeable climate and hospitable people, who are happy and easy going. There is nothing better than to stay in the centre of the mountains with easy access to all the best tourist attractions in the area; Morro de Camelo (Camel Hill), Morro de Pai Inácio (Father Ignacio Hill), Vale de Capão (Big Cape Valley) and a diversity of waterfalls amongst other natural destinations of incredible beauty.

Recently opened in Palmeiras is the newest accommodation, Hostel Caminhos da Chapada (Trails of the Chapada Mountains Hostel), which is located in the centre of the town, just 300 metres from the bus station.

It is a hundred year old house which was the main centre of commerce in the diamonds region and was also the antique Hotel Barreto, which was founded in 1967. It was renowned as the best hostelry for the commercial travelling businessmen who would pass through the Chapada Diamantina region.

Just at the entrance is reception with an adjacent TV lounge. We have 9 rooms with 35 beds, which are private rooms with or without bathrooms and dormitories with female and male shower rooms. Internet for guests to use, two kitchens; one for the hostel and another for hostellers, there are two areas for breakfast, a laundry, private parking where there is an orchard and a charming area to relax next to a charming, colourful garden.

We’re looking forward to your visit!!!!!

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