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No complaints. Internet access was great and the staff was very friendly. Great location. The only problem is that the elevator was on the 2nd floor, common thing in Eastern Europe God knows why.


Avatar for Evandro


Wed 18 Feb 2015

Great hostel with tons of character and beautiful rooms! No generic dorms -- the country-themed rooms are all carefully designed. We booked for three nights, but didn't make it for the first due to a missed flight. Aventura did not charge us for the missed night! Rooms, kitchen, bathroom were impeccably clean. The staff were friendly and helpful, and plenty of information about local attractions was provided (staff also made great suggestions). Fully equipped kitchen. 10/10, would recommend!


Avatar for Morgan


Sun 28 Dec 2014

A fantastic, unique Hostel in central Budapest. Each room has a different theme making it really quirky. The staff were helpful and friendly. Can't wait to stay here again.


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Thu 25 Dec 2014