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I’m also a bit puzzled why Mitte is advertised through the IYHA site, but a member’s discount is not offered. I’m afraid I can’t recommend Mitte, but this is largely a result of my having had a camera stolen in the hostel, I’m assuming by a fellow guest. I’m usually pretty careful with security. The thief must have known what to look for in that brief window of opportunity. The dormitories seem to be unlocked most of the time and it seemed easy for people to wander in and out.


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Sun 27 Jul 2014

Dear Geoff. Thank you for your review. We provide 10% discount for members for direct reservations (email info@hostelmitte.com, web hostelmitte.com or telephone +420 734 622 340). We are sorry for your camera. We have lockers for every visitors so similar problems are minimized. Karel

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Hostel Mitte,

Tue 29 Jul 2014

Amazing place! Friendly staff! Great location! Really enjoyed my stay! Thank you


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Tue 08 Apr 2014

Altogether excellent


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Sun 16 Mar 2014

Parkplatz kostenlos am Spilberk. Trotz zentraler Lage in Kneipenviertel absolut ruhig. Tolle antique Möbel. Jedes Zimmer ist ein kleines Geschichtsmuseum. Sonnige Küche in der oberen Etage. Duftendes Café im Eingangsbereich.


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Tue 04 Mar 2014