The Mitte Hostel (meaning “The Centre” in German) is located in a historical house (1659) in the centre of Brno. The hostel is set in a small, stylish building offering an authentic atmosphere. The railway station is close by.

The Mitte Hostel offers accommodation in rooms named after people and events that left an unforgettable literary, artistic, scientific or political legacy in our region; Austerlitz, Mucha, Tugendhat, Janáček, Gödel, Kundera. Guests can choose from a single to six-bed room. The hostel also provides guided city tours.

Sit and refresh in the hostel’s little café on the first floor while watching the buzz in Brno centre through the window. The hostel is only a short walk from shops, a cinema, a pub and the main square.

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I’m also a bit puzzled why Mitte is advertised through the IYHA site, but a member’s discount is not offered. I’m afraid I can’t recommend Mitte, but this is largely a result of my having had a camera stolen in the hostel, I’m assuming by a fellow guest. I’m usually pretty careful with security. The thief must have known what to look for in that brief window of opportunity. The dormitories seem to be unlocked most of the time and it seemed easy for people to wander in and out.


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Sun 27 Jul 2014

Amazing place! Friendly staff! Great location! Really enjoyed my stay! Thank you


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Tue 08 Apr 2014