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Wir haben uns wohl gefühlt. Die Begrüßung war sehr herzlich. Bei dem starken Regen, war die Lautstärke im Gemeinschaftsbereich vor der Küche sehr hoch. Der Wasserdruck der Dusche war gar keiner :-))


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Sun 12 Apr 2015

Hostel was nice and clean. Main area is open and attractive, staff are friendly and helpful. I would definitely stay there again if I was in the area. It was an uphill hike from train station that is only a few blocks away. We went on the pub tour, advertised food special was all deep fried; better off to order chicken Parma and split it as its a large plate and very tasty.


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Sat 11 Apr 2015

The location was very hard to reach. And the building was too complicated.


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Jae Young,

Tue 27 Jan 2015

You should organize the dorms with people from the same age group. Backpackers do not expect To be with old people in the same room. Toilets should be improved, because they dont have air circulation as they should.


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Thu 22 Jan 2015

Great place. The dorm was very small. Great staff, super information


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Mon 17 Nov 2014

It is an amazing hostel. People there are extremely friendly and they are always opened to talk. One of them could even remember my name when we met at the city center. Really good place to stay for some days!


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Mon 21 Jul 2014

Great idea with the food shelves that accepted padlocks.


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Fri 16 May 2014

The staff are very friendly. Good job. If the entire hostel is made smoke-free, then there would probably be no issues with cannabis smokers fouling the air with illegal drugs on the roof patio,


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Sun 16 Mar 2014