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El hostel más sucio que he ido en años!, en general , en el dormitorio y en la cocina. Baño tapado, poca luz en general, sombrío, pero la peor parte es la falta de higiene. No entiendo cómo puede pertenecer a hihostel suponiendo que tienen que cumplir con ciertos parámetros básicos.


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Thu 14 Nov 2013

This is one of the bests HOstels i've ever been, it is clean, warm and beautiful, thanks to Fatima for everything.


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Tue 12 Nov 2013

Tuve la oportunidad de estar en este hermoso Hostel en la ciudad de Bogotá, aunque la fría Bogotá estuvo siempre opaca, la calidad y sencillez de este hostel me hicieron pasar un excelente momento, un excelente servicio de recepción siempre dispuestos a resolver todas las preguntas y resolver las dudas de ubicación un saludo grande desde Londres...


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Tue 12 Nov 2013

Mucho ruido por la noche, teníamos el timbre de la entrada cerca y suena muchas veces por la noche


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Thu 22 Aug 2013

Not really clean (but mostly fault of other clients disrespecting the rules, e.g. clean up the kitchen after cooking) and some of the rooms are quite dark and noisy. The locks are not really worth their name but you can use lockers for small stuff at the reception. Apart from that it is still a really nice place with a beautiful patio and places to chill and people there are always friendly and helpful.


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Wed 07 Aug 2013

Hi Lucia, Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate your comments to improve our service at Fatima Hostel. So sad to hear other people disrespect the rules we have established, especially in our kitchen, but we will try to create a new method that makes other people can follow them. We hope you come back to give you our best service again. Thanks!

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Fri 09 Aug 2013

The hostel had no activities: no tours, no parties, nothing. Although it had a board listing several things to do, once we asked at the reception they'd said there was nothing. I moved after the second night to another hostel.


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Thu 06 Jun 2013

Larissa, thank you so much for your review. This will help us to improve our great service. I am so sorry to hear that you didn't get any touristic and/or activity information. Actually, we have a WHOLE department of Activities. We do have different kind of activities all week long and on Friday's we also have parties and special events. For example, we have tours to different towns nearby like Zipaquira and the Salt Cathedral. We have more than 20 tours and activities to do in the city. If you want, you can check our website to see the information of each one. If you ever come to Bogota, please come back here and we are sure you will have one of your best experiences in traveling.

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Sat 08 Jun 2013

We got a room above the kitchen. It was like sleeping in a frying pan! No towels no hot water. One of the worst hostels I've been at.


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Thu 18 Apr 2013

Hi Ben,
We do appreciate your feedback so much, this will help us to improve.
Actually, we do have towels and hot water. We are so sorry we were not able to help you in the right time. We are sure if you ever come back to Bogota, we will be more than pleased to have you in our place.

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Sat 20 Apr 2013

sumiu uma camera de um hospede e depois ocorreu um assalto na caixa forte onde guardavam objetos de valor dos hospedes desaparecendo 3 computadores por sorte ñao levaram minha carteira que estava junto. problemas na seguranca ñao havia cameras de filmagem e qualquer pessoa entra no hostel. tambem ñao tem loker para guardar os pertences dos hospedes.


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Tue 05 Feb 2013