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Nice hotel


Avatar for MATSUKAWA


Sun 22 Mar 2015

Comfortable mattress and spacious lockers included in the price.But I DO NOT recommend this hostel to any young adult backpacker:(1)it's too far away from Berlin city centre,the nearby town is dead after 8 PM and although it is close to Potsdam,it is still a different fare zone, so you would have to buy an extra ticket (2)There's no free wifi,and the one they sell is very expensive.After staying in 7 HI hostels before,I had come to expect this service,which I consider rather essential.


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Mon 05 Jan 2015

We are really sorry that you didn't enjoy your stay with us. But, when booking with us we tell you where our Hostel is located. So if you make the reservation you can't really complain about that. We never pretend to be central, we tell you on our homepage that we are located on the Wannsee lake. Also every 10 minutes there are two Metro lines into City Center, direct lines, 15 min ride. For a capital like Berlin that's not that bad. But you are right, in winter on the lake, after 8pm it's kind of dead. Also there is NO extra fare for public transport. We are located within citylimits and the regular price has to be paid, 2,60 Euro for a single trip. Also there is free WIFI, you only have to accept busines terms (as not to downloand illegal stuff) and then there is no Limit. Para ayudarte tambien hablamos espanol.

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Berlin - JH am Wannsee,

Wed 07 Jan 2015

Room was clean, breakfast was good, staff was nice. The location wasn't so bad because there are signs from the train station leading to the hostel. S-bahn runs really frequently. Near Potsdam too. The walk from the train station to the hostel at night was somewhat terrifying for me because of the lack of streetlights/people so it's like something out of a horror movie. I heard later that the area is super safe with the only potential danger being boars.


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Wed 17 Dec 2014

We really enjoyed our stay at this hostel. Everything was more than average good :) We really liked the meals and the location. tip: someone of the staff told us about the Slachtensee, a smaller lake nearby. The Wannsee close to the hostel is too dirty to swim, and you have to pay to swim at a cleaner beach there (Strandbad Wannsee) But if you go to the slachtensee,15 minutes walking, you can swim and chill at a really cosy place :)


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Thu 31 Jul 2014

The place is lovely, it is a shame it is not closer to Berlin center but we can reach it in 40 min. The breakfast is awesome! There is a big variety. Wifi is not gratis but I love that the dormitories were only of for people. Very good for family with childrens!


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Tue 29 Jul 2014