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It seems breakfast is always good at hostels in Norway. Bergen was no exception. I enjoyed being out of town and in the hills. The walk was invigorating and picturesque. I am returning to this hostel in a week and look forward to it. There is a bus if the walk is daunting... or u dont want to carry 20 kilos of backpack up a mt.


Avatar for Robert


Tue 28 Apr 2015

Very nice plase.


Avatar for Jonas


Sun 26 Apr 2015

My sleep was disturbed a few times in the middle of the night by smoking and talking guests outside the entrance. (my room was very close to the entrance (room 220). I was staying three nights, in the third night the nightguard got the people away but it took me a long time to reach her on the phone. So never that room again.


Avatar for Maria


Fri 17 Apr 2015

This was the best hostel that I have stayed at during my month long adventure. The atmosphere was incredible, the breakfast was great, and I spent very little time in the room because there was so much to do outside of it! I met some lifelong friends and was thoroughly impressed with this hostel!


Avatar for Nic


Thu 16 Apr 2015

Way too expensive for being such a simple hostel.


Avatar for Thomas


Wed 04 Mar 2015

Ich fand es besonders nett, dass sich die Mitarbeiterin die Zeit nahm, mir beim Online-Check-In bei meinem neuen Tablet-PC zu helfen. Bei meiner Norwegen-Reise Ende August/Anfang September 2015 werde ich wieder in der Jugendherberge Montana übernachten.


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Sun 11 Jan 2015