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It's an ok hostel, but its in the middle of nowhere, they had awesome lounge areas and a charming courtyard, but I had to hike 2 miles to get dinner everyday. They also don't provide any practical way to get around. You can rent a bike which will set you back 5 euros a day, but that defeats the purpose of this hostel which is to be cheap. The information was also pretty weak and since I couldn't connect to the web with my laptop I had no way of finding the cool stuff around except walking.


Avatar for Jake


Fri 01 May 2015

the hostel is 2,5 km to the railway station and there are no buses to reach it, so we'll recommend it for car owners only. staff was ok, but seems a bit annoyed by our requests. there is no WiFi and no computers available. kitchen is big but on our arrival there was no salt and oil. dorms were ok. the bathroom, instead, was not very nice.. the price was a bit too much for what the hostel offers. breakfast is good :)


Avatar for cecilia


Mon 25 Aug 2014

Continuez ! Inutile de changer la déco à l'intérieur, c'est très bien ainsi.


Avatar for Eric


Thu 07 Nov 2013

Je trouve juste regrettable que cette auberge ferme fin octobre pour ne ré-ouvrir qu'au printemps!elle fait besoin, il y avait du monde lorsque j'y étais!


Avatar for Christophe


Tue 15 Oct 2013

le ménage n'est pas fait (toiles d'araignée dans les coins!)chambres vétustes, miroirs mal situés,non pas au-dessus du lavabo mais mur adjacent!odeurs...


Avatar for Christophe


Thu 03 Oct 2013

A bit far from the centre of the village.


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Mon 30 Sep 2013

very nice service, good location.


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Thu 29 Aug 2013

An excellent hostel better than most we stayed at in France - great kitchen facilities and lovely room - really great hostel.


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Sun 18 Aug 2013