Arles hostel is just 1km from the centre of this town, much painted by Vincent van Gogh. Arles is famous for the Roman remains that dot the city, including thermal baths and an impressive ancient arena. There are also a number of intriguing galleries and exciting theatres to visit.

There are bicycles to hire, a large dining room, a bar and a café. There is also a terrace, TV and a cybersalon.

There is capacity for 110 guests in the hostel in shared dormitories. Nearby, there is a public car park and coach park.

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  • Culture
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Every time I took a shower, the water was cold.


Avatar for Ger


Sun 28 Sep 2014

There is just something about this place that makes you feel in the way. Maybe it's the fact that you're locked out from 10am-5pm everyday or the large groups of children, whose program or something takes up thr entire common room at various points in the day. Whatever it was I felt uncomfortable my entire stay here.


Avatar for Jill


Wed 20 Aug 2014