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Es un lugar muy agradable, donde encontramos una persona que nos recibio hablando nuestro idioma, cosa que nos alegro mucho


Avatar for Familia


Sun 12 Apr 2015

its such a wonderful nice neat and clean hostel. front office staff very courteous polite smiley and helpful.Its highly recommended.


Avatar for RAHIM


Sun 22 Mar 2015

The bathroom was really bad: every time someone took a shower- the whole bathroom was covered in water so much that the water went into the room! The floor outside the bathroom was wet and it was slippery. I almost fell several times, just like the other girls. In addition to that the blankets were super thin and the heat was turned off at night. We were all freezing! Plus there was only WiFi at the reception. It is such a new buildung which should be cool but it is planned very poorly.


Avatar for Helen


Mon 02 Mar 2015

easier rules would be nice and suits HI better


Avatar for Koen


Thu 26 Feb 2015

Das Bett war sehr unbequem!-( aber sonst fand ich es sehr schön bei euch!!!! HI Hostels sind immer meine Favoriten! Cheers Sven


Avatar for Sven


Mon 23 Feb 2015

clean and tidy. helpful staff


Avatar for Xiyi


Mon 19 Jan 2015

You need to have your keycard to keep the lights on but should you get up while it is dark it is awkward to get to the front door to place your card in the slot. Also, the toilet is in one room and the sink and shower in another. If you use the toilet and want to wash your hands you have to wait until the shower room is free...maybe green but not hygienic.


Avatar for mara


Sun 14 Dec 2014