Mount Ali (Alishan in Chinese language) is one of the eight most celebrated scenic spots in Taiwan . Its ancient balmy forests, gleaming cloud scapes, fantastic sunrises & sunset, seasonal flowers and quaint narrow-gauge winding train tracks curve made here become a worldwide reputation as a delightful tourist attraction., Facing Tashan--the sacred mountain of Zhou tribe, Alishan Youth Activity Center is surrounded by the original forests. The architecture style of our center is the romantic European style with overall facilities and a spacious area. We create the cozy atmosphere like a family and to provide attentive services. Alishan Youth Activity Center offers 48 guestrooms and suites, conference rooms, tea house, Karaoke room, Sakura Youth Cafe,etc. Excellently equipped with the fashionable and leisure functions, Alishan Youth Activity Center is your primary choice for lodging and relaxing hiking.

When you stay on Alishan Youth Activity Center. The healthy pathways, such as Black Forests, usher you to breathe the fresh air full of Phytoncide. Enjoying the spectacular sunset of Tashan, changing cloud sea, starry night, and the spring scenery of cherry blossoms, you may indulge in this secular paradise, like in the heaven, without any worries.

The tea from Alishan enjoys the worldwide reputation and we sincerely present special cuisine only in Alishan to you. All staff in Alishan Youth Activity Center welcomes your coming wholeheartedly, guaranteeing you pleasing dining, comfortable lodging and delightful traveling.

※ Our center is located in halfway up of Alishan National Scenic Area, you can see the amazing Tashan SUNSET in here.

※ If you want go to see Alishan sunrise, You need to get up at 3:00 am in early morning, and WALK ALMOST 2 HOURS to Alishan Forest Recreation Area, buy tickets & take forest rail.
WE DO NOT OFFER SUNRISE SHUTTLE BUS!! (Pleas make sure you accept BEFORE booking.)


"Do I need a YH membership card?" - Yes! Card must be shown upon arrival. Membership can be purchased at our center. A non-member will be charged in additional 15% fee on arrival.

"Do you provide bed sheets?" - Yes, they're included in the rate.

"Do you serve breakfast?" - Yes, they're also included. Breakfast time from 7:00 till 9:00 am.

"Do I need buy a Alishan Forest Recreation Area ticket ?" - Our center is located in halfway up of Alishan National Scenic Area, it's a much more large area included many scenic places which worth visiting. But if you only focus on watch sunrise or take Forest Railway, you will need buy a ticket to enter in Alishan Forest Recreation Area, which is on the top of Alishan National Scenic Area.

"Until what time do you hold my reservation?" - For ensure the occupancies of our center, we only receive bookings via We keep it till 6 pm, if you don't show up at all, we'll charge your credit card the amount of your first night's stay.

"How early do I need to book?" - The earlier the better. Our busiest months are February, March, April, July and August. You can make appointments maximum three months in advance.

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