Alijó Youth Hostel is a brand new purpose-build hostel offering modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities.Located in the heart of the Douro demarcated wine region, Alijó's importance is closely linked to the production of wine, is fairview park of the "quintas" (small estates) that produce the famous Port Wine, known worldwide for its quality and taste, and many other excellent wines are to be found in this municipality.This landscape of remarkable beauty, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, is product of the perfect harmony among nature and the hand of man by transforming the schist slopes, first shaped by the river Douro itself, into large terraced vineyards forming natural amphitheatres angled to best catch the sun and ripen the grapes to produce great wines.There are many ways to tour the Douro Valley region , Be it by car, train or boat. For those wishing to take in the river by car, this is a wonderful way to view all that the Douro sah to offer. Visiting the nearby towns is mandatory - The Weight of the Ruler, Pinion, for S. Joao de Pesqueira of Carrazeda de Ansiaes and Vila Flor - the well to the visit to add wine estates is sampling the wines and many other web sites that are well worth stopping off at is a gentle stroll to take in the wonderful panoramas.One of the most original ways to discover the Alto Douro region is to travel by steam train on lines laid over 100 years aug. From the windows of the small train, the traveller will spot the landscape of rugged beauty composed of enormous gorges, between which the river squeezes hundreds of feet below. The older train stations are of particular interest, particularly Ruler and Pinion, the latter being one of the country's most beautiful, with facades of decorative tiles depicting scenes of vineyard workers and views of the local countryside. Another great option is to go on the river Cruise and take in the beautiful Douro Valley scenery.