Located in the heart of the city centre, Ålesund Hostel is within close vicinity of some of Norway’s most celebrated tourist attractions. Ålesund was rebuilt after the great town fire in 1904, today the city is one of three European cities that feature magnificent Jugendstil architecture.

Breakfast is included in the overnight price and the hostel serve lunch and dinner for groups. Meetings and conferences can be held at the hostel, with capacity for 100 in one room and 40 in the second room.

Be sure to climb up the Sukkertoppen hill for great panoramic views; it is particularly beautiful at sunset! The local museum with reconstructed buildings can be visited easily by bus. Also visit the Aquarium where there is so much to do you could plan a whole day around it.

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Room was very nice. No lockers for bags, but smaller lockers for essentials were available. Access to luggage storage during the middle of the day was a hindrance, especially because most bus times to the airport did not coincide with when the luggage storage was open. Other than that, a lovely hostel.


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Mon 27 Jul 2015

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La vue en haut des 418 marches

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Mon 25 May 2015

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Acheter sa propre nouriture aux supermarchés et cuisiner sois meme

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Mon 25 May 2015