The unique Akko hostel is situated right outside the Old City of Akko, also known as Acre, and incorporates archaeological antiques in its structure.

The hostel accommodation has 76 rooms, all at a very high standard, which offer a beautiful view facing the walls of the old city. Hostel guests are able to enjoy the ancient aqueduct - used to transport water to the old city during the Ottoman period - which is incorporated into the hostel.

The hostel has a unique design which combines modern design with a touch of the city's authentic style. The dining room seats 350 guests. Internet access and breakfast are included in the price, and additional meals (included packaged meals) can be ordered in advance. Food is kosher.

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  • Sightseeing
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Gorgeous, clean, brand new. Less like a hostel and more like a guest house. Not really a backpackers place; If you want that stay at another hostel. The staff were really helpful, especially the security guard who sorted out my bungled booking whilst all the staff were off for shabbat and sorted out my car battery/mechanic coming to fix it from the hire company whilst i was out. Also the receptionist (male) made the call for me in Hebrew. Great for couples and families. Breakfast was awesome.


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Mon 03 Aug 2015

It was a beautiful time in Akko Knights - the only little thing was that there where loudly youth groups and they where running and shouting. (just as we did when we where young!) But the staff had a tip - go to the roof of the hostel and you will have a nice and quiet place. That was it for sure with a beautiful view of Akko and even Haifa! Breakfast was incredible and the staff was very friendly and helpful. When I go back, I will stay in Akko Knights again!


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Wed 29 Jul 2015

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Tiberias/Sea of Galilee.

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Mon 03 Aug 2015

Nightlife & entertainment tip

Not in Akko.

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Mon 03 Aug 2015