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It was a pretty good stay. The whole staff was very sympathetic and caring. Only 1 thin guy - maybe the owner, was kinda bored and moody, but maybe it was just his way... Definitely a good place! 5 stars for cleanliness and security!


Avatar for Vladimir


Sun 22 Feb 2015

The hostel was being remodeled during our stay, and it was really uncomfortable to sleep in a room smelling like cement! Breakfast was very simple (not to say poor) and there is no parking lot available. The good part is the location, in the city center.


Avatar for Peter


Fri 08 Aug 2014

Buen, servicio. Excelente el personal. A corregir: Duchas de baños compartidos. Acceso a la WiFi. Lo considero excelente. Good service. Excellent staff. Things to fix: shared bathrooms showers. Access to WiFi. I consider excellent.


Avatar for Martin


Fri 25 Jul 2014

El Viajero in Assuncion in´t a silent place, in the badroom area there are some noise at night, some people jumping in the pool, drinking and talking. The sleep area must be protected!!!


Avatar for Carlos André

Carlos André,

Thu 01 May 2014