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Price per square meter is higher than in the Hilton Coffee (self service) costs 3,50 francs, which is double that of a liter fuel


Avatar for Jitse


Sat 06 Dec 2014

very kind and frienly people , we recomend anyway


Avatar for guillermo


Fri 31 Oct 2014

There were spiders all over the ceiling, about 2 feet from my face, in my top bunk. Talk about disgusting.


Avatar for Autumn


Wed 08 Oct 2014

The old building of the hostel, despite its location, needs URGENT update (rooms, worn and torn linen, bathrooms). After visiting other hostels (Zermatt, Interlaken), this one is clearly behind. As for the meals, we found a very big dead mosquito among the glasses and we told the staff about it, but we only got a laugh from him (!). Besides, we could see how they dealt with food (and it was a bit worrying...). Some of these staff should be taught (again?) about their job...


Avatar for Jaume


Fri 15 Aug 2014