If choose the Youth Hostel in Aveiro, you'll experience a prosperous city both social as financially. The university is extremely vibrant and perhaps you might be interested in doing a course here. Now you know what to do before taking a decision on his future: get closer to the sunny city of Aveiro. Or why not watch a game of basketball in quality (Ovarense, Illiabum, Beira-Mar , Sangalhos and Aveiro Basket are excellent choices), do canoeing on the river or take advantage of the unique beauty of the natural reserve of the Dunes of Sao Jacinto. AND not leave to give the Barra Beach or beach Costa Nova, is clear.

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Auberge mal indiquée sur les panneaux de signalisation. Auberge hébergée dans les locaux de l'institut portugais pour la jeunesse en dehors du centre ville. Lits faits et linge de toilette fourni. Décoration très sympa.


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Mon 25 Aug 2014

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Wed 11 Dec 2013

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Ande de bicicletA no centro E' gratis!

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Wed 11 Dec 2013