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My stay at the hotel was overall a good experience. Clean and modern rooms, although a good 30 minute walk to the city center if that is why you are staying there. This was not an issue for me as I am happy to walk. My only major issue with the hotel was that there is no restriction on when they allow new guests to check into your room. I was frighteningly woken out of sleep at 2:30am by someone checking into my room. Not professional at all - I was not impressed!


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Sat 31 Jan 2015

Staff overcharged me because did not take into account that I had paid a deposit. This was eventually refunded to me. Staff put 3 people in a 2 bed dorm. This was sorted out eventually thankfully. Hostel is connected to a hospital and had patients walking around and having breakfast with us - it was strange. Very nice, comfortable and clean environment.


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Wed 08 Oct 2014

Thank you for staying with us. Sorry to hear that you had problems concerning your booking. We have talked to the reception about the deposit and everybody has now been informed so that the error will not occur again. Hope you had a nice time in Stavanger and rest of Your trip was successful.

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Fri 10 Oct 2014