Brumund Vandrerhjem is one of a kind! The hostel is the only Norwegian approved treetop huts. The hostel is built in the woods of Brumunddal, called The Pine Hut and The Larch Hut The Pine Hut is rented out as private room for 5 persons, and The Larch Hut is rented out as a private room for 6 persons.
From the cabins you can listen to the birds sing, and if you are lucky you might even spot an elk from the porch. Both cabins have great surroundings for those who like the wilderness and activities as fishing, hiking, and nature watching. The distance between the cabins are considerable, so regular interactions between the cabins might be difficult.
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE CABINS ARE SELF-CATERED, and all guests have to bring their own bed linen, as well as food and drinking water. If 2 people or more book the cabin together, you get the cabin all to yourselves. The cabins can only be reached by own transportation (car, motor bike or bicycle).
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOUR STAY HAS TO BE FULLY PAID IN ADVANCE. After making the booking through the Hihostel online service, guests will be contacted by Hostelling International Norway for information about how to make the full payment. The cabin will be reserved for the following 5 (five) days. If a guest does not make the full payment within the 5 days limit, the booking will be cancelled. The deposit will not be returned.
NB! The cabins have different prices during weekdays and weekends.
The Larch Hut
The Larch Hut is the newest addition to the Brumund Vandrerhjem family. The cabin was built in 2009 on the same principles as The Pine Hut, but the cabin is a bit bigger, more comfortable and well-equipped. In the top of a larch tree, 8 meter from the ground, you will have the opportunity to experience one of the world’s most unique hostels.
The cabin has room for 6 people, which includes a bedroom with at double bed. Maximum 8 people may stay at the cabin, but it is not recommended! The cabin is about 15m2 small with a charming porch with benches and beautiful view towards the wood and lake. There is also a nice open fireplace at the porch that sets the mood.
The Larch Hut is partial built with 2 floors. There are facilities as a fully equipped kitchen, gas stove, refrigerator, shower, toilet and fireplace. The cabin is isolated for the winter season and because of electricity from the sun you are able to turn on lights.
From the outdoor you will hear the sounds from the forest and the wildlife. Birds and squirrels are your comfortable next door neighbors and they often turn up for dinner. When the cabin was built the summer of 2009 elks were to be seen almost every evening. The Black Grouse grazes in the top of the Birch in front of the cabin autumn, winter and spring.
There are tracks for cross country skiing and dog sledding in the area and between The Larch Hut and The Pine Hut. A dog sledding trip with polar dogs costs from 490,-

THE TREETOP HUT, THE PINE HUT IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMPLE STANDARD, and does not mind for self-catering. Please be aware that you are responsible for cleaning the cabin after use. Brumund Vandrerhjem urge people to leave the cabin as you would like to find it yourself. Bird seeds are to be found in the cabin. We would appreciate if you filled the bird-cage when you arrive and leave. The check-in time is at 1600 hrs and check-out time is at 1400 hrs the following day.
NB! You may order cleaning of the cabin for the price of NOK 350,- per stay. For inquiry, please contact Brumund Vandrerhjem.
There is no toll-bar to reach The Larch Hut. It is free parking 20 meters from the cabin.

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Lovely to have a break from the city. Location is amazing.. hard to find but friendly owner who helps a lot when you got lost. Enjoy!!


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Tue 04 Feb 2014

Fant ikke brannvarsler inne i hytta


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Erik Ulfeng,

Sat 28 Dec 2013