Brumund Vandrerhjem is one of a kind! The hostel is the only Norwegian approved treetop huts. The hostel is built in the woods of Brumunddal, called The Pine Hut and The Larch Hut The Pine Hut is rented out as private room for 5 persons, and The Larch Hut is rented out as a private room for 6 persons.

From the cabins you can listen to the birds sing, and if you are lucky you might even spot an elk from the porch. Both cabins have great surroundings for those who like the wilderness and activities as fishing, hiking, and nature watching. The distance between the cabins are considerable, so regular interactions between the cabins might be difficult.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE CABINS ARE SELF-CATERED, and all guests have to bring their own bed linen, as well as food and drinking water. If 2 people or more book the cabin together, you get the cabin all to yourselves. The cabins can only be reached by own transportation (car, motor bike or bicycle).

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOUR STAY HAS TO BE FULLY PAID IN ADVANCE. After making the booking through the Hihostel online service, guests will be contacted by Hostelling International Norway for information about how to make the full payment. The cabin will be reserved for the following 5 (five) days. If a guest does not make the full payment within the 5 days limit, the booking will be cancelled. The deposit will not be returned.

NB! The cabins have different prices during weekdays and weekends.

The Pine Hut
The Pine Hut is the original, rustic treetop hut, built in 2006. Located 8 meters above the ground, up in a 250 year old pine tree the cabin is rented out as a private room for 5 people.

The treetop hut has a small, full equipped kitchen with a gas stove and refrigerator. There is also a fireplace, wood and candles in the cabin. The cabin has 2 simple sofa-beds with 2 wide bunks on top. There are beds for 5 people, but it may be a bit crowed. Absolutely max people of staying in the cabin are 7 people!

On the ground under the cabin you will find shed where you find firewood and an outdoor toilet facility. There is no shower, but during the warmer seasons the lake, which is next to the cabin, temps with a refreshing morning bath!

From The Pine Hut you can enjoy a spectacular view towards the wood and the lake. The porch in front for the cabin has charming benches hidden under the branches from the pine trees.

THE TREETOP HUT, THE PINE HUT IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMPLE STANDARD, and does not mind for self-catering. Please be aware that you are responsible for cleaning the cabin after use. Brumund Vandrerhjem urge people to leave the cabin as you would like to find it yourself. Bird seeds are to be found in the cabin. We would appreciate if you filled the bird-cage when you arrive and leave. The check-in time is at 1600 hrs and check-out time is at 1400 hrs the following day.

Please be aware that you have to go through the toll-bar of NOK 50,- before arriving at the cabin.

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I came from Israel to visit a friend and we were looking for interesting things to do. Once we were told about a tree hut, we had to go there! Rustic, feels as though in the middle of nowhere, with squirrels and birds coming to visit, the pine hut is a true Moomin vacation :) We were surprised at how well equipped and welcoming the hut was. There's everything you may need inside, and when we came it was already the fireplace and all the candles were lit for us. Absolutely wonderful!


Avatar for Alina


Fri 04 Apr 2014

A very good experience. Exciting with the animals and birds!


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Thu 25 Jul 2013

Travel tips...

Nightlife & Entertainment tip

Bring a good headlight (there are regular flashlights there) and read a book, take a walk in the dark forest or just hang out with whoever you came there.

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Fri 04 Apr 2014

Budget meal tip

Bring your own food and drinks, obviously. There's a stove and a mini fridge, and cups, plates and cutlery.

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Fri 04 Apr 2014