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Muötiple common areas and facilities. Central loction. Very friendly staff. However, the premises is a bit rundown and really needs a thorough overhaul of cleaning. Nevertheless, it is still good value for your money,


Avatar for Torsten


Mon 23 Feb 2015

Améliorer le nettoyage et l'accueil.


Avatar for Michael


Tue 10 Feb 2015

The beds were wonderful.


Avatar for Veletta


Tue 09 Dec 2014

This is one of the nicest hostels that I have stayed in. The dorm room where I stayed had a view overlooking the harbor. Initially I only saw only 2 electrical outlets in the room (I think it was a 3-person room although it may have been 4) and thought that was bad as everyone travels with a laptop and/or phone. Then I discovered there were 2 outlets in each locker, really nice as if you don't feel comfortable leaving your laptop out you can still charge the battery.


Avatar for Terrell


Tue 11 Nov 2014

I really enjoyed this hostel. An excellent value and very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Just a few minutes walk to Oriental Bay, Lambton Harbour, Mt. Vic... I could go on. I fell in love with Wellington, and I'll definitely stay in this hostel again soon. Thank you!


Avatar for Kyle


Thu 21 Aug 2014

A wonderful place, feel like you are at home with your friends and family.


Avatar for Riyaz


Wed 20 Aug 2014