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This isn't really a hostel, its a hotel. There's no dorms and, sadly, little in the way of a hostel's communal spirit. However, as a hotel, this is a very cheap way of getting a good room in the city centre (right on the bank of the Danube) and as a ship, it has quite a quirky feeling about it. I'd recommend this for a couple looking for an inexpensive city break.


Avatar for Dan


Thu 27 Nov 2014

they have never cleand up the toilete and showerroom during the stay. my room was in the downstair so it was so noisy and the location is no good but beyond that, the staff was very rude and do nothing so, i don't understand why that place is a member of YH please, don't go that boat, you can fine a better one easily


Avatar for Toru


Fri 31 Oct 2014

Excellent experience our accomodatio at Fortuna Boat Hostel


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Sun 31 Aug 2014

Nice hostel, rooms were very small.


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Mon 25 Aug 2014