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It locates about 10 minutes away from a subway station of No. 2 line, so it is easy to access Beijing Capital International airport. But it is faced with the narrow street, so I hope it set up guide signs at the main street.


Avatar for Kazuyuki


Mon 12 Jan 2015

Really nice hostel. Far above average rooms in a beautiful new courtyard-style building. Great wifi and electric, and large lounge with restaurant service. Would definitely return.


Avatar for Michael


Sun 14 Dec 2014

The hostel is located within a residential area of ordinary Beijing folks, which make for an interesting insight into the day-to-day activities of the locals - you see them buying vegetables, getting their hair cut, having supper... I really enjoyed that experience.


Avatar for Felix


Sat 08 Nov 2014

Great Staffel and great hostel:-)


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Sat 02 Aug 2014

C'était mon quatrième séjour à Beijing Heyuan. J'y retourne toujours pour l'ambiance détendue ainsi que la possibilité de rencontrer et de socialiser avec des gens de partout dans le monde. Ma conjointe, qui est Chinoise, a beaucoup apprécié Beijing Heyuan et désire y retourner plus tard.


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Thu 17 Jul 2014