The youth hostel of Seven, The villa of character of 1903, hooked on the slopes of Mount Saint Clair, offers an exceptional panorama, in the center of the city of seven, the Mediterranean Sea and the Etang Thau.Um single framework with a dining area outside with a view to the sea, a service of meals, kitchen staff, snack service in summer, lounge, bar, parking (attention: car access by street of Belfort, via rue Paul Valéry), access to rooms 24h/24, a picnic area at garden.20 rooms for 4 people in the middle of a park with shade and 4 rooms of 2 on the 1ST floor villa. Small camp opened the spring.The youth hostel is located 5 minutes walk from the center of the city of Seven of its shops, bars and restaurants, at the edge of the channels, your covered market daily and 4 per week mercados.Servi co bus 10 minutes to reach the 10km of fine sandy beach or to the SNCF train station ( 20 Minutes walk away, the plan to request)Seven is also the country of Georges Brassens and Paul Valery with its museums and the place of many festivals, natural images for photography; Worldwilde, jazz and seven, the fiesta seven for music ; votes for poetry alive, the majority having taken place in the theater of the Sea of Seven, theater in the open air with scene open to The sea and the stars. The youth hostel of seven, is a playground for rest and relaxation in the heart of the city of Seven and its facilities. Played in 2013March: * Music Seven: festival of classical music to 03/15 for the Festival 14/04Apríl:Movies: * photos, singular Image of 05/17 to 03/06 * Festival K-Live from 05/31 to # 02/06June: * Festival of amateur theater act III scene 7 from 04/06 to 10/06 * Festival of music French" when I think of Fernande " of XS 12/06 | 16/06 %amp% N * for the feast of the great forgiveness of Saint Pierre from 06/29 to 02/07July : * Festival of music in the entire world of operations 01/07 to 07/07 * Jazz to Seven in 11/07 to 17/07 * festival of poetry live voice of the Mediterranean in the Mediterranean 19/07 to 28/07August: * Fiesta' in Seven 01/08 to 07/08 * Feasts of St Louis, tournaments The tournament of 23/08 to 08/28 * Beer Festival

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Endroit idéalement placé et responsable du site extrêment accueillant. Bien mieux qu'un hôtel. La vue est formidable et le bâtiment très chouette. merci d'avoir d'aussi beaux emplacements.


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Thu 30 Oct 2014

Sehr schöne Lage, der Weg den Berg hoch lohnt sich. Außerdem ist man schon auf halbem Weg zu der tollen Aussicht vom Kreuz auf dem Berg. Hinfahren!


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Sat 04 Oct 2014

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les infos à l'acceuil !

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Tue 08 Apr 2014

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le boucanier!

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Sat 19 Apr 2014