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Cleanliness of rooms and expecially of bathrooms is very very poor. Rooms are extremely small and there is no manteinance. I'd not come back there again..Staff is friendly. The position of the hostell is on a hill fare from the center. You need a car. And you have to leave it far from the hostell and have 100m of very steep road on foot to get there.


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Fri 28 Nov 2014

The shower water comes from the tab is a little bit small.


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Tue 30 Sep 2014

The building is lovely to look at. The staff too very friendly. The location though is quite a walk from the main sights like the Roman Baths, town centre etc.; though for folks who want to go to the Bath University, this is the perfect location. Someone was sleeping in my bed the 2nd night and i had to sleep in some other bed that was previously used and not cleaned up. This was totally unacceptable for me and i hope it never happens again to me or anyone else.


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Thu 25 Sep 2014