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This hostel is currently going under a lot of renovation so this changes quite a bit. The Room was large, quiet, and spacious as well as comfortable. The Staff was very friendly and helpful. The elevator was very small and not efficient at certain times of the days and since there was a lot of renovation it was very hard to socialize with anyone else besides your roommates.


Avatar for Jill


Mon 23 Feb 2015

The hostel charges a lot for bedding and breakfast. They closed for renovation in the morning so we had to walk in the rain and pay as much as a night's accommodation to leave bags at the station. If the website had said it was closing we would have chosen another hostel for our stay. We were not told by staff until morning about the closure. Very disappointing.


Avatar for Nicole


Fri 26 Dec 2014

Pros: Great location and Great Staff Cons: I am not sure if this is a hostel or an old age home. Sorry to be so harsh, but I had a 70 year old man in one room, which I changed due to a really bad drainage smell and the next room had about 2 50-55 year old men and they all seem to be a long term resident there. No real atmosphere for socialising unless you are with your own group.


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Wed 17 Dec 2014