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Avatar for Jordan


Tue 13 Jan 2015

Mostly gd. But 1)The dorm locker was 2 small for a mid-size daypack-had to unpack my laptop and valuables 2)toilet leaked & sink hot tap was detached and needed manipulation to make it work. These small fixes would better show HI's commitment to the environment and a better quality stay. 3) I was disappointed that the only organized Fri. night activity offered was a pub crawl. I can get that at Backpacker's. I had hoped for something uniquely Montreal. [I'd tell u more with more space!)


Avatar for Larry


Sun 07 Dec 2014

Bonjour and thanks for your feedback! Clearly, a leaking toilet and a sink taps not working well are below our usual standards and I can guaranty you it has already been fixed! As for the bar crawl on Friday, we like to think that it is part of the Montréal Joie-de-Vivre! :) That said, I hope that you did not miss the Saturday walk in the Mt-Royal Park or the Thursday ice skating outing in the Old City!! Give us a second try and we’ll ensure to give you the very best an HI hostel has to offer to its guests! Nic, hostel manager

Manager avatar

Nicolas Lemaire,

Tue 09 Dec 2014