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Eine gans gewöhnliche Jugendherberge mit normalen Standart


Avatar for Anke


Sun 22 Mar 2015

I really like the dining room, the kitchen was a little bit small though for so many guests. In my room there were only 4 plugin point for charging things (2x2) which - considering the fact that most travellers have to use adapters - in not that convenient since normally just one plugin point in each row can be used.


Avatar for Kim Melissa

Kim Melissa,

Tue 10 Mar 2015

Overall, I've been disappointed with Australia Hostelling International. Very expensive. Internet (Global Gossip) is unpredictable and expensive and frustrating. Melbourne Metro is not convenient - it's blocks walk to the free tram and blocks away from a grocery store. Thankfully, we have bookings with non YHA hostels for the rest of our stay. If you like a large impersonal hostel and have a vehicle and don't mind paying a premium for everything, stay here.


Avatar for Lorri


Fri 05 Dec 2014

Thanks to Richard for his excellent services.


Avatar for JIT MIAN


Sun 02 Nov 2014