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Haikou - Banana International YH

Villa 3-4, No. 6 Li Yuan Xiao,, No. 21 Ren Min Da Dao (Avenue), Haikou, 570000, China

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A small family run hostel in Haikou City, offering a great communal area, courtyard and bike rental.

  • Chambre partagée
    Depuis $7.05
  • Chambre privée
    Depuis $16.64
10 personnes ou plus ?

Haikou auberge de jeunesse

auberge de jeunesse Haikou

Hostelling International

Bienvenue dans notre auberge de jeunesse

L'auberge de jeunesse Haikou Banana propose un hébergement varié allant de dortoirs à tout petit prix à de petits appartements avec cuisine. Toutes nos chambres sont équipées de W.C. et d'une douche. L'auberge de jeunesse Haikou Banana se trouve sur l'île de Haidian, au nord de la ville de Haikou, sur l'île de Hainan. En raison du climat tropical, Haikou est souvent plus animée le soir. En soirée, les rues de l'île de Haidian fourmillent de marchands de fruits tropicaux, de bars à l'air libre et de nombreux petits restaurants de plein air vendant des plats locaux tels que grillades de fruits de mer ou encore Chao Bing (un en-cas populaire pour les chaudes soirées et qui comprend le fruit de votre choix mixé et glacé sous vos yeux à l'aide d'un appareil spécial). Nombreuses piscines découvertes et chauffées modernes. Le reste de Haikou ce sont de nombreux anciens Hutongs, de petits temples, des ports de pêche, des plages et des rues commerçantes. Haikou est la capitale de l'île de Hainan et constitue un lieu idéal pour démarrer un voyage à Hainan.


Les tarifs indiqués s'appliquent aux non-adhérents

Chambres partagées - Par personne et par nuit


Chambre privée - Par chambre et par nuit


Informations importantes

  • Pièce d'identité officielle avec photo exigée
  • Les moins de 5 ans ne peuvent être hébergés à l’Auberge de Jeunesse.
  • Les moins de 18 ans doivent être accompagnés
  • Les moins de ans ne peuvent être hébergés en chambre partagée que s'ils sont accompagnés.
  • L'adhésion peut être achetée à l'arrivée à l'auberge de jeunesse.
  • Les tarifs indiqués s'appliquent aux non-adhérents
  • Limited options de paiement s'appliquent à l'auberge de jeunesse check-in
  • L'Auberge de Jeunesse n'accepte que les règlements en espèces
  • Les prix et informations concernant la disponibilité des produits sont aussi précis que possible mais peuvent être sujets à modification au moment de la validation



Loisirs et remise en forme

  • Salle commune
  • Salle de jeux
  • Jardin
  • Salle de télévision
  • Tennis de table / ping-pong
  • Billard / snooker
  • Terrasse / patio


  • Non adapté aux utilisateurs de fauteuils roulants

Nourriture et boissons

  • Café / bistro
  • Bar / pub sous licence IV
  • Barbecue

Installations - accès Internet

  • Ordinateurs
  • Charges informatiques - Gratuit
  • Wi-Fi
  • Charges Wifi - Gratuit

Equipements - Services à-auberge

  • Climatisation
  • Parking à proximité
  • Location de vélos
  • Local à vélos
  • Casiers disponibles
  • Local à bagages
  • Disponibilité des locaux à bagages - Disponible pendant les heures d'ouverture de la réception de l'auberge
Horaires d'ouverture

Horaires d'ouverture

Ouverte toute l'année

De 08:00 à 00:00
Ouverte 24 h / 24

Entrer en contact

Entrer en contact

Tél.. (+86) 0898 66286780

Fax. (+86) 0898 66286780


Principales attractions

Principales attractions

  • Baishamen Park & Beach (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Haikou Old Town (Entre 2 et 3 km)
  • Haikou Volcano Park (Plus de 10 km)

Voir la liste complète des attractions



I enjoyed my stay. My room was nice and clean. The biggest problem was using the drier. Traveers have little time to spend drying their clothes and I was happy to hear you had a washer and drier. The capacity of the drier was very poor. It worked poorly and did not dry my clothes. I would strongly suggest you invest in a good quality washer and drier...It was very frustrating to use.


Avatar for Richard


Ven 15 Avr 2016



Avatar for FUMINARI


Mar 11 Mar 2014

They do a very good, filling pizza there and interesting breakfast dishes. For self-catering, there is a very handy supermarket just round the corner from the hostel. Transport is good as the hostel is on several bus routes. I was there with my son on 31st Jan, the Chinese New Year and the hostel invited all the guests to make Chinese dumplings. It was a great social evening, afterwards we went outside to watch the fireworks.


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Jeu 13 Fév 2014

We had a booking and we said we would come to the hostel around 22. We came at 23 and one of our 2 booked beds was already taken. The lady said it was because we were late. Our train was 4 hours late and as we didn't have a Chinese mobile we couldn't call and tell about the delay. We travelled 16 hours with the train then the taxi driver couldn't find the hostel. After all this we were very tired and just wanted go to bed. So we had to share one bed. I think the performance of the staff of Banana Hostel was inacceptalble. We booked the first hostel of the Lonely Planet list because we wanted to stay at a safe place. Unfortunately it was one of our bad experience in China.


Avatar for Karolina


Jeu 30 Jan 2014

I very much enjoyed my stay at this hostel, so much so I stayed an extra 2 nights. The bus stop is right at the alley way you turn down to get to the hostal. All the staff I met had a good command of English, one guy there was English (I think, certainly he was fluent). There was excellent local info provided on noticeboards. I liked the location because it was not in the centre with block after block of high rise buildings. I have visited 5 other places in China and that was what it was like because the country is rebuilding itself.


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Sam 25 Jan 2014


À proximité de l'auberge de jeunesse

À proximité de l'auberge de jeunesse

Attractions à proximité

  • Parc de loisirs / à thème (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Plage (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Cinéma (Entre 2 et 3 km)
  • Centre ville (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Pistes cyclables (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Terrain de golf (Entre 5 et 10 km)
  • Marché local (Moins de 500 m)
  • Musées / galeries d'art (Entre 5 et 10 km)
  • Vie nocturne (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Parcs / espaces verts (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Restaurants (Moins de 500 m)
  • Rivière / port / lac (500m - 1km)
  • Centre commercial (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Piscine (Entre 1 et 2 km)
  • Supermarché / Magasin d'alimentation (Moins de 500 m)
Nous trouver

Nous trouver

40 mins drive to Haikou Airport. Or Airport bus to MinHang BinGuan then change to bus #19.
From Haikou east station bus 11 23 or 44 at Sh?ng?o c?nk?u’ bus stop. Get off at 'J?ng h?i hu?yuán'
Xingang Port or Xiuying Port.
Ask for the Kentucky Fried Chicken (Chinese: KenDaJi) on Renmin Dadao in Haidian Dao.
Un autre moyen de transport
<h3>General:</h3> <p>Haikou Hostel is located in the North-East of Haikou City. We are on a large island called Haidian Dao (海甸岛). <br> <br> We are located down an alley on Renmin Avenue (Chinese: Renmin Dadao 人民大道). <br> <br> We are near to where Renmin Ave and San Lu (海甸三路) cross. On one corner of this crossing there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken. On another corner is a purple China EverBright Bank. <br> <br> Make sure you are on the same side of the road as the EverBright Bank. Stand outside the bank facing the entrance then turn to your left. Walk a few metres and you will pass a 24 hour soyamilk restaurant on your right-hand side. Walk a further 20 metres and you will see a red restaurant with ‘Fule Restaurant’ written in English in white letters. Continue a few more metres and the next building is another restaurant. It is black and red and has white Chinese characters on it it’s called YiJiaYi 壹加壹. (In front of this restaurant is a bus stop. On the opposite side of the road there is an internet bar and a green China Post.)<br> <br> If facing the black and red restaurant you should see the Haikou Banana Hostel sign on your left pointing behind the restaurant. Haikou Hostel is about 100 metres along the path behind the restaurant. We are the second villa on the left hand side and have a yellow wall.</p> <p> </p> <h3>Important information if you get a taxi:</h3> <p>Not all taxi drivers know about us so it is often easier to ask for the Kentucky Fried Chicken (Chinese: KenDaJi) on Renmin Dadao in Haidian Dao. <br> If you can speak some Chinese all you need to say is:<br> Haidian Dao Renmin Dadao Ken Da Ji.<br> <br> Another useful tip for dealing with taxi drivers is to give them the Haikou Banana Hostel reception telephone number: 0898 66286780. The taxi driver can then call the hostel to find directions. So make a note of this number.</p> <p>Do not expect taxi drivers to be able to speak English!</p> <p>Warning: We have heard about a taxi driver who will tell you that the Haikou Banana Hostel has closed. This is a lie. The taxi driver says this so he can take you to a different hotel where he can earn a commission. If a taxi driver says this to you do not believe him and either insist he takes you to the Banana hostel or find another taxi.</p> <p> </p> <h3>From Haikou airport:</h3> <p>Haikou airport is around 40 minutes drive from the city centre and Haikou Banana Hostel. There are always many taxis waiting at the airport. Expect to pay 40 - 60 RMB to get to the hostel. Make sure you bargain the price first or you may end up paying too much. You can often get a better price by waiting at the upstairs departures area and flagging down a taxi that has just dropped someone off at the airport.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Alternatively take the airport bus to the airport hotel (MinHang BinGuan). Then change to the 19 bus get off at JingHai HuaYuan on Renmin Ave (near KFC).</p> <p class="MsoNormal"> </p> <h3>From Sea Ports (for buses from mainland):</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">Xingang Port 15 RMB Taxi</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Xiuying Port 30 RMB Taxi</p> <p class="MsoNormal"> </p> <h3>From Haikou West Train Station:</h3> <p>The train station is in the far west of the city around 20km from the city centre.</p> <p>You could take a taxi for around 40 RMB.</p> <p>To get to the Hostel by bus first take the 37 from outside the train station to Haikou Bell Tower then change to bus 20 to Renmin Dadao (Renmin road). Get off just after KFC and the hostel is on the opposite side of the road.</p> <p> </p> <h3>From Haikou East Station (High Speed Rail from Sanya or other parts of Hainan):</h3> <p><strong>Bus:</strong><br>Get on buses 11 23 or 44 at ‘Shāngāo cūnkǒu’ bus stop (山高村口站) on Fèngxiáng Road 凤翔路 (see map).<br>Get off bus at 'Jīng hǎi huāyuán' bus stop (京海花园) on Rénmín Ave 人民大道.</p> <p>Detailed directions:<br>•    Exit the Haikou East high speed train station. <br>•    Turn left (north) at the road in front of the station. <br>•    Walk about 100 metres north to the T junction. <br>•    Turn right (east) at the T junction to catch bus 44 heading east.<br>•    Or Turn left (west) and cross over the road and catch bus 11 or 23 heading west.<br>•    Buses cost 1 RMB (put 1 RMB in slot next to driver).<br><br><strong>Taxi:</strong> 25 RMB around 30 minutes.</p> <p><img alt="Haikou-East-map" src="http://www.haikouhostel.com/images/stories/hostel/location/Haikou-East-map.png" height="502" width="458"></p> <h3>From South Bus Station (if coming from Sanya or other parts of Hainan):</h3> <p>Taxi costs 25 RMB</p> <p>For more information please visit our website:</p> <a href="http://www.haikouhostel.com/"> Haikou Banana Hostel - Hainan Island</a>
20km from west train station. Take taxi or bus #37 to Haikou Bell Tower then bus #20 to Renmin rd.

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