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Wine tasting in Slovenia

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Slovenia is the country of wine, with more than 70% of its wines achieving the quality or premium wine status. Through the country’s history three distinct regions for wine-making have been formed: Posavska, Podravska and Primorska. Each region has their own unique type of wine. The north-eastern Podravska wine region is the largest and produces mostly white wines like Welschriesling, Traminer, Yellow Muscat and Sauvignon. To the south of Podravska you can find the Posavska wine region where the unique red wine Cviček is produced - for more than 200 years wine has been made here. This area also produces Blaufränkisch and Žametovka. In the south-western part you can find the Primorska wine region with a mostly Mediterranean climate and exquisite red (Teran, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Refošk) and white (Rebula, White Pinot, Pinelo, Chardonnay) wines. So head to Slovenia to try out different wines - we bet you'll fall in love with a few!