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Wake up somewhere new in 2015

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What to do, and more importantly, where in the world to go for New Years Eve? Throwing plans together last minute can be a total disaster, so we've collected a whole bunch of dream destinations, exciting activities, must-have discounts, and different ideas to make your start to 2015 the best yet. See in the chime of midnight at a cheerful Hogmanay knees-up in Edinburgh. Dance on the warm shores of Miami at a famous Floridian beach party. Join in the flamboyant festivities in Iceland’s fun capital, Reykjavik. Why not huddle together to brave the cold amidst the Scandinavian sparkle of Stockholm? Or celebrate New Year twice in multi-faceted Hong Kong? From explosions of colour over cityscapes, to cultural traditions and ancient ritual, there are endless opportunities to try something new, experience the world’s celebrations at their finest, and open your eyes to a different landscape this New Year.